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Electronic Voice Phenomena
or more commonly known as EVP are electronically generated speech but are not the result of intentional voice recordings or renderings.  The team have had some very interesting results and on one occasion a voice seemingly to answer questions which the team are asking.  

Clearly the team didn't hear any of the answers until they examined their recordings for the DVD which they produce using two market leaders, Cool Edit Pro and Adobe Audition.

The problem with EVP is that once you have been told what we believe it is saying you will probably hear it as so since you are listening for the words whereas if you weren't told anything in the first place you may hear other words.

This is your chance to become a paranormal investigator and take a leap into the realm of EVP by clicking on any of the below links to hear an example.  We of course know what the voice is saying but do you?  Please let us know your comments.

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